KA introduces: Shanghai Fire Blue Visual Art Institute - KA Vision is a visual image service platform that provides commercial photography, video and design for companies in the world of vision.
KA Vision is located in Shanghai, China. It was established in 2013, with more than Years of industry experience , Thousands of square meters of image work base, and more than Large production teams. With team-based high-efficiency process management, world business operations and innovation capabilities, and high-quality and low-cost production resources development, it has already been China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Japan, etc. The national market offers visual imaging products that lead the innovative commercial visual imaging market.
There is no end to creativity, the world of image communication... KA Vision has always pursued the perfect combination of commercial expression and artistic expression, and is always ready to provide 360° all-round image service for your brand.

  • KA Mission

    Providing visual creative solutions with imaging and design

  • KA Vision

    To providing excellent creative platform for visual creators, To provide customers with touching visual works

  • KA Values

    achieve customers, pursue innovation, keep learning, love life

Experience And Advantage

More than ten years of video industry service experience and commercial visual expression

Industry-leading infrastructure and team practice

Professionally committed to the scale operation of commercial images

Professional-scale studio construction

High quality and low cost production resource development

High quality and low cost production resource development

The World business operations and style control capabilities


Years of successful experience

Comprehensive and comprehensive service standards

KA Team Introduction

The KA visual imaging service platform includes professional photography studios, camera studios, set-up studios and design studios. Each studio represents some of the qualities and spirit of KA, and represents KA's outstanding professionalism and outstanding industry vision. In the past 13 years, the KA platform model has been constantly evolving. With the expansion of the business scale and the deep understanding of the industry, around the image and design, KA's studio will grow stronger to ensure continuous supply. Customers are more flexible and customized to a higher level of visual imaging services.


POP. Photo Studio is led by three major photographers who have been in the industry for nearly ten years of experience. It has a total of 10 studios for display designers, lighting engineers and photography assistants. It has rich experience in industry shooting, cutting-edge fashion art and passion. Dedicated service attitude. At present, the company mainly provides product packaging pictures for the US market, the Australian market, and many other home brands in Canada, as well as photography services for products of major sales websites. Sincere and professional service attitude and stable teamwork are the cornerstones of today's status in the industry.


3W. Photo Studio is a group of elites active in the field of home textile, home decoration, e-commerce photography. It is a group of enthusiastic and energetic front-end photography teams. The team members have different experiences and personalities. They come together and build today. W. Photo studio. The team is very good at instilling the brand aesthetics and product ideas into the photographic works. Currently, it is the product visual photography for Luolai Home Textiles, LOVO Home Textiles and domestic first-line home brands. We are passionate and sincere, tailoring the unique shooting space, props and shooting ideas for the customers we need. We believe that good photographic works are not only visual effects, but more importantly, they are the best for customers, for market aesthetics, and for telling the greatest value of products.


RAY. Photo Studio is a portrait studio team consisting of 3 photographers with more than 8 years of experience and 2 makeup artists in the field of photography. The team has always provided the customized Visual services for each customer with the utmost enthusiasm, focusing on the craftsmanship of the essence of photography, enhance brand value with perfect visual work. From the perspective of the market, each piece of video works has a marketing function to maximize the value of the customer's brand and product.

BEE Photo studio

The service concept of BEE photography studio is to create contemporary visual image works. The main creative team members are from the most creative group in the new era. They can more accurately put forward the production plan in line with the public aesthetic and market communication needs, and help your enterprise develop. We look forward to growing stronger, creating value, fulfilling each other's dreams and giving meaning to our lives.


XK. Photography studio is a professional production team composed of a new generation of young people who have passion and creative ideas for the film industry. They are good at using video and photos to create positive communication for corporate customers and products. Both service and video are "effectively oriented." In the member structure, it is divided into professional members such as copywriting planning, director, photographer, photo-editing, video editor. The studio specializes in creative marketing related video production, film and television advertising, micro-movie, short video shooting and other fields to provide customers with video marketing solutions.


ACE. Scene setting studio is composed of three major blocks: art, furnishings, props team. art design room scenes; furnishings for construction and concrete design effects; props with the needs of photography projects. The way visual images are presented is more about the expression of environmental elements. ACE. Scene setting studio is composed of three major blocks: art, furnishings, props team. art design room scenes; furnishings for construction and concrete design effects; props with the needs of photography projects. The way visual images are presented is more about the expression of environmental elements.

HUE. Design studio

HUE. Design studio to provide enterprises with visual image creative strategy solutions, strategy-oriented and original expression, mining the unique temperament of brand products, brand products to shape the image of differentiation. We seek the perfect combination of business insight and creative thinking, and are committed to creating the most personalized and effective visual experience with the thinking of "crossover" and "interconnection". For customers to do images and pictures of one-stop design services.


BOX. Design Studio is composed of 8 passionate young teams. It is a growth and thinking team. The team has strong cohesiveness and centripetality, and has good professional experiences and service awareness. I have been designing and producing pictures for many brands such as Luolai Life and IKEA. The team explores the perfect fit between business insight and creative thinking, using the idea of “cross-border” and “interconnected”. At the same time, we will strengthen communication with our customers and improve our service system to maintain a good long-term cooperative relationship. We will encourage them, earnestly enterprising, and constantly strive to create more high-value and tasteful works for our customers.